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GalvaninS S.r.l. was born on 1st May 2015, after the acquisition of the line of business of Galvanin Luigino
S.p.A. by SAF. Based on a strong international experience, GalvaninS S.r.L. started in 1968 as an engineering
industry to subsequently become one of the most important realities in the production of progressive tools,
transfer tools, small metal parts and all that concerns the supply of industrial technical services. SAF’s 50 years
of experience as a player in the eld of the production of lamination for electrical motors combined with the
knowledge and skills established during the 40 years before the acquisition of Galvanin Luigino, create a
relevant and solid base for the creation of a new path of development and growth.
The company today supplys its production for application in many very important industrial elds such as
automotive, household appliances, gas, hydraulics, pneumatics, industrial chemistry, lighting techniques and
the textile industry. Wherever high-level technology and miniaturization is present, there is also a GalvaninS’
GalvaninS market develops mainly abroad, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe but also overseas, exporting its
components even in China. The synergy between SAF and GalvaninS will allow to oer to our actual and
potential customers, a more comprehensive and diversified product, completing and enhancing the range of
Automotive parts, tting elements, gas valves, burner sets and heat exchangers, contacts, faston, electrovalves,
pumps and aquarium thermostats, safety devices, textile machines. These are just some of the components
for which GalvaninS has reached a very high degree of quality during time. Finally the thickness, that
GalvaninS can work, is ranging from 0.05 millimeters up to 6 millimeters.
To all that is done we add two precious elements: the entirely Italian style and the will to transform our
products, and consequently yours as well, in great successes.

  GalvaninS s.r.l. - VAT number 03958520243 phone: 0444-1788221 – Fax: 0444-1788221 - email: info@galvanins.it
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